Dear Precious Being – Connect with your body

Dear Precious Being,

Connect with your body. Everything you are feeling is Chi, your essence. Energy is everything that you are experiencing. Everything is there for you; the key is to tap into it.

I write in my journal – “I wish to come into my life, to connect with myself more and to align with my greater good and higher self”. The mind is always working, busy mind – thinking, planning, coming and going, new and old, the monkey mind – we can guide the mind by coming into the body. Sitting into the body and noticing the body sensations, feeling connected to the earth, noticing and being in our hands and fingers, feeling our back on the chair, relaxing into the body, energetically feeling, noticing, observing, making connection.

Connect with your body
Connect with your body


When the mind slows down, then we notice patterns and processes and we invite the mind to feel the sensations of the body. Without judgement we feel the body, the mind likes a story, so we use getting into our bodies as the story. The story of the body. We learn through invitation and exploration, we have at our disposal a body of knowledge, this is different, as we gain knowledge of the body.

Rumi in his poem the Guest-House uses the metaphor of the body as a house. My explanation is slightly different, in that we might be wandering outside, and the invitation is to come into the house. Thinking as worries, labels, dramas we journey inwards toward the house as a temple, an inner presence. Sensations will arise, some comfortable, some uncomfortable, by bringing the mind back to the body as expressions of energy, we become aware of a feeling of being alive, or a feeling of nothing, of numbness, all or nothing may be present. Each door brings us to the deeper rooms.


connect with your body
Each door brings us to the deeper rooms


No matter what is our mental story or what is happening in the body – this body is still here, still together, breathing, being breathed, until the last moment of life – still here, what is holding this body together. There is a deeper dimension, all is well! Tap into the source beyond our individual story – enter into a newer dimension, a bigger picture of life. The idea of “more than” – and still all is well.

Nothing is a mistake, goodness can come out of everything, the universe still moves forward. We experience the world, our world, as good or bad depending on our frame of reference. It helps to put it into a bigger picture, then we can invite change from a newer perspective and the possibility to change for the better, a new relationship with, and a new invitation to expanded awareness and more.

The heart has a longing for a deeper process of learning and healing


The mind has a desire for perfection, the heart has a longing for a deeper process of learning and healing, opening and awakening. The healing is an awakening on the journey back to wholeness. We may be cut off, disconnected from our energetic system and so we need to reconnect, reconnect and reconnect. Then we can have a direct experience of aliveness, nourishment, awakening to our natural state. How do we reconnect? Our pain is the longing for connection. When there is contraction and disconnection and separation, then the therapeutic work reconnection with self, through expressing and dissolving the pain and then comes, the peace of acceptance and integration.

To reconnect, embrace all sensations and feelings


To reconnect, we invite and notice all. Come into the house or you stay circling the house, outside it. Come into the house, come home, it’s time to embrace the living universe. Go into the body, embracing all sensations and feelings. Say to yourself – “I have all I need (inwardly)”. The invitation is to go beyond the pain, move beyond the sound to deeper breathing and learning to be aware of the entire process. Not an easy choice, not for the fainthearted – and we can do it! We have the courage within to face ourselves and be with whatever arises and hold it in compassion and without judgement.

All my best,

Saille Fearn

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