Precious Being,

Are you on your way, back home to self?

Connect by being, resting in this snow. Leave everything else outside the room of being, for the next few moments. You can choose to pick them up later if you wish. The past is history and the future is fantasy, be here now. Please don’t miss the opportunities being presented to you in this moment.

In this moment, there can be a discovery. Let’s make space for discovery in the unknown. Let’s sit in the unfolding. In this moment, you are being offered the opportunity to appreciate the beauty, integrity, love and compassion that is your own nature and you will not fail then to see these qualities in another person as well.

back home to self

I have just returned from a 5-day intensive retreat in Lisbon with Mooji, a spiritual teacher. You may or may not approve of such masters. What I learned from my time there, is that all spiritual traditions and their guides talk about the power of love and kindness to self and others. The specific teaching on this retreat, resonated well with me as it reminds me of Psychosynthesis Psychotherapeutic Approach founded by Italian Roberto Assagioli. He wrote over a hundred years ago – I have a body, I am not my body, I have a mind, I am not my mind, I have emotions, I am not my emotions. I am a centre of pure consciousness. This same philosophy goes back over two thousand years.

back home to self

I remember reading a book more than twenty years ago, called Awareness, it was written by Anthony De Mello. In this book, he invited readers to wake up! He said that most people were sleep walking. All the ancient and contemporary sages give us the same message – “Come home to who you truly are, come back to your true nature”.

back to self

You are more than your gender, creed, culture, more than your projections and your minds perceptions. You are awareness itself. You are the witness of your life.

– Saille Fearn

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back home to self
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